Along with the goal of durable development
is the social responsibility of Janbee Corporation.
We always set the purpose of regenerating the
interests of the organization in the community or places
where we have the opportunity to serve.
Hopefully Janbee is always with you whenever possible,

let’s do and devote more to the mission to create sustainable continuation
and expectation that one day Vietnamese children will be the real
foundation for The mission of bringing this country.
Each bridge, a completed route, a new school
is there that contains many expectations for the connection – nurturing,
And of course it comes with opportunities for development
You and we both understand that
“ Tomorrow must be started today”.
This idiom is very familiar but it is so important
in our planning. Each of our actions
and you are more or less in the present has a positive
impact on the change of land and community life. A quality living environment.
A clean food ecosystem a complete medical education infrastructure
is a solid foundation for children today and the future
Having enough energy, the ability to comprehend better changes. Why?
Because of the core environment + Dinner eating and drinking = Health> will study well> will serve the country well.
So let’s join together to create a lot of \”bridges, roads …\”. Let’s start !


How can we connect together? As we say,
Please take action. You will be happy and happy because the value of the committee creates
the community. And so, we and ‘on there’ are already connected together !!!